We mobilize individuals, teams and organizations...

...by designing and facilitating tailored leadership programs that take participants out into nature and back again. Sometimes these are 24H expeditions, sometimes 3-6 day leadership journeys.  

We are witnessing intense paradigm shift across the globe in multiple disciplines. In order to operate effectively as an individual, team or organization we are asked to step up and act in new ways.
We believe that these new ways are more easily accessible to us when we have a clear connection with nature.  

It is our ambition to help people and businesses succeed. We do that by establishing a stronger connection with nature. As a business transformation partner our approach is authentic, down to earth and sincere. Our facilitators bring in more than 40 years of corporate- and leadership expertise and have worked for a variety of (multi)national organizations.

Interested in how we can help your people or organization forward? 

Feel free to contact us for a cup of coffee.