AlbaniË: vrouweneditie
30 juni-5 juli

Albania. Europe's roughest edge.  A little known corner of the Mediterranean.  A place where time stands still. Far from all luxury, this is the backdrop to our 6-day expedition. No phones, no camera's, no watches, no emails.  Break yourself away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and get in touch with the rawness of life. Off the beaten path and into the wild Albanian nature.  Exploring the mountains, whilst oxygen is filling your lungs. Eat, sleep, walk. Nothing more, nothing less. 

  • Travelling with a group (maximum of 12 women), all with good basic health

  • Luggage will be carried by mules. Hiking is done with small daypacks only

  • An all women crew: experienced facilitator, shaman and professional mountain guide

  • Experiencing both strength and submission in a traditional sweatlodge ritual

  • Opportunities to be silent and alone with nature

  • No compulsory elements: feel free to participate in the way you feel most comfortable with

  • All meals (local, fresh and largely organic/vegetarian)

  • Sleeping in mountainhuts, tents, or, weather permitting, under the stars.

Katja Vermeulen (coach, yogateacher and teacher at Design Academy Eindhoven) will be the main facilitator through a week of hiking, being in nature and connecting to the elements. 

This expedition is first and foremost about being in nature, enjoying the workout, the fresh air and having the luxury to unplug from your daily life. The facilitators are experienced, down to earth and will give you (individually or as group) the opportunity to look deeper inside yourself. This can be through conversations, yoga, silence or the sweatlodge ritual. If there's no need to to that. All good. Just enjoy the magnificent views! 

"The Elements Expedition was a moment to look back and pause for a second. Reflecting on essential questions in my life is something I hardly do in my daily life. I'm just too busy. No phones, a fantastic group, a perfect program outline and the magical Albanian mountains made this expedition extremely valuable for me"


The expedition to Albania is  €1.195 (excl.VAT) The price does not include the flight Tirana, but includes everything else: meals, transportation, guides, ceremony, lunches, and a damn fine dinner on the last night.
This expedition can also be seen as a tax-deductible business/educational/coaching program. We can send you a customized invoice.
If the investment is a challenge for you, please contact us! We can offer you the opportunity of paying in installments over a longer period of time.  Feel free to send your questions to or hit the button and book right now!