2018:  september 2-7

Going to a place where nature presides, and by leaving your watch at home and your phone switched off,  you'll discover what remains of you away from the surroundings of your daily life. There, disconnected from your family and job, a different side of yourself automatically rucks up.  

Through nature, through our expeditions, we facilitate the process of getting a clearer view on who you are and what life wants from you.

These expeditions have no goal. It's not a survival training. It's not a vacation. It's not a spiritual thing. It's about being in nature with other human beings. 



Bearer of Europe's purest lakes. We'll set camp in southern Norway near Fyresdal, where we'll sleep, hunt, fish and explore the surroundings. Our guide Torjus will teach us Norwegian traditional fishing techniques, and is always prepared to share his great hunting stories. 

We'll experience what it means to live off the land.
No catch, means no dinner.  Nothing romantic about it. Our program will provide an opportunity to reconnect to nature in a way that has long been pushed away. 
No phones, no cameras, no watches. 
You'll learn the basic techniques to catch prey, prepare food, make camp and survive in the wilderness. Oh, and probably eat some things you've never eaten before :-). 

Join us and plunge yourself into the pristine Norwegian nature. 

"Back into modern life but also into my physical self in a way that I have not experienced before. Still, after all those weeks. The expedition has brought me a lot on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Rest, freeing of energy and anger, spaciousness, resolve and clarity. "

Mark (54), Senior Consultant

  • Investment

The investment in our expeditions for Norway is  €1.250 (excl. VAT). 
This does not include the flight to Oslo, but includes everything else. This expedition can also be seen as a tax-deductible business/educational/coaching program.  We can send you a customized invoice and offer you the opportunity of paying in installments.   


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