What remains of us, away from the distractions of our daily lives? What are we, when divested of our roles, status and work? Allow us the pleasure of transporting you to Europe’s roughest edges. Bringing you isolated untouched nature, carefully selected guides, authentic lodges and pure food.

Disconnected from our family, job, company and role a different side of ourselves automatically rucks up. The side that's intrinsically bound with nature. These expeditions have no goal. It's not a survival training. It's not a vacation. It is what is. It's about being in nature with men. Going to a place where nature presides, and by leaving our phones switched off, we discover what remains of us away from the distractions of our daily lives.

Why we organise these 'men only' expeditions? Primarily, because we love this work. Because we believe that there is something about men that can only be found amongst men. And there is something in nature that can only be found in nature. And because we believe it's good to shut off your phones and computers once in a while. 

 We make sure you'll return safely and rested, in spite of the demanding physical exertion which you will experience from time to time.